Industrial Generator Set

As a part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines, Volvo Penta has extensive resources for production and continuous development of innovative engines for generator sets. With engines providing excellent operating economy, low noise levels and low exhaust emissions, together with worldwide parts supply, support and service, Volvo Penta is the world leading supplier to independent generator set producers. Key features of Volvo Penta generator sets engines include:

Complete electronic management

The engine’s electronic management system continuously monitors and gathers data from a number of sensors in the engine, and adjusts the fuel supply and injection timing. This improves fuel-efficiency and engine output while reducing exhaust emissions.

Optimised fuel efficiency

Through careful management of the combustion process involving precise control of air ovement and injection spray patterns, Volvo Penta has been able to achieve higher levels of efficiency than ever before.

Compact yet powerful

Robust design, advanced electronics, new casting technology and innovative engineering all contribute to reducing the overall dimensions of the engines.

Generator Sets

PT Eka Dharma Jaya Sakti worked with well established OEM genset makers to develop and assemble generator sets using Volvo engines. Besides offering the most dependable engines and a wide selection of components accessories and functions, we offer our customers professional advice on the customization of gensets to suit their application. Our customers can leverage on the experience of our design team to help establish the product specifications, performance levels and project requirements. Most important, customers can depend on us to provide complete aftersales support for the generator sets.

 Technical Specification


ED 85 V TD 520 GE 85 68
ED 100 V TAS 531 GE 100 80
ED 130V TAD 532 GE 130 104
ED 150 V TAD 731 GE 150 120
ED 180 V TAD 732 GE 180 144
ED 200 V TAD 733 GE 200 160
ED 250 V TAD 734 GE 250 200
ED 325 V TAD 941 GE 325 260
ED 350 V TED 1342 GE 350 280
ED 375 V TAD 1343 GE 375 300
ED 400 V TAD 1344 GE 400 320
ED 500 V TAD 1641 GE 500 400
ED 570 V TAD 1642 GE 570 456
ED 630 V TWD 1643 GE 630 504

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