FH16 - 550 HP


With the market’s most powerful engine, built-in intelligence and superior comfort features, the Volvo FH16 offers the ultimate driving experience. Behind the wheel in this truck, you are in full control of the best torque available in the industry – 2,800 Nm for the 610hp version and 2,500 Nm for the 550hp. Designed for maximised stability and driveability, it offers the very best conditions for doing a productive job.

Moreover, the world-class safety technologies that protect not only the cab occupants but also other road-users make this truck one of the safest on the road. Considering reliability, availability, and fuel consumption, this truck is nothing but a perfect solution for profitable transport operations.

Outstanding Power

  • In-line 6-cylinder, 16 litres with turbo and intercooler.
  • Two engine output levels: 550 and 610 hp.
  • Maximum torque levels: 2,800 Nm (610 hp) and 2,500 Nm (550 hp).
  • The Volvo Engine Brake - with a performance of 380 kW at 2,200 r/min - is available as an option.
Day cab
Sleeper cab
Globetrotter cab

High Productivity & Cost effectivity 

  • Cab and chassis of high-tensile steel gives low weight and high loading capacity.
  • Powerful 16-litre engine with low fuel consumption, approved according to Euro 3.
  • Aerodynamic design for reduced air drag thus improving fuel consumption.
  • The 14 speed gearboxes feature cable shift with servo synchronisation to reduce the shift force demands.
  • Interior noise levels are comfortably low. The carefully designed sound insulation shuts tiresome engine noise out of the cab.


Safe and comfortable 

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) activates the braking system automatically if the truck shows tendencies to abnormal behaviour.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintains a safe distance to vehicles in front of the truck. It is perfect for long-distance traffic.
  • The cabs are designed to offer the highest possible levels of comfort and well being. It is a quiet workplace because has four-point suspension to reduce to a minimum the impact of sahking and vibration on the cab frame.
  • Large glass panels, powerful windscreen wipers and big rear-view mirrors for maximised all-round visibility.
  • Volvo's underrun protection system increases safety levels for other road users in the event of a collision. It is equipped with FUP, SUP, and RUP.
D16C: 550 hp
Manual gearbox
Hub reduction 
(GCW approval: up to 170 tonne)

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