FMX 330 - 330 HP

Everything about the Volvo FMX says “heavy duty”. Specially designed for heavy construction work, like in quarries and mines, its domain is where other trucks fear to tread or simply cannot go. There’s nothing fancy about this truck. But that doesn’t mean that the FMX isn’t being heavy on the details. From the front towing beam handling 25 tonnes, to the driveline and fuel-efficient I-shift gear box, to the easy to replace and mesh protected headlights (optional) this truck was built to handle the worst conditions on a daily basis. We recommend it for the hardest, harshest working conditions where only the strongest survive.

 Day cab
Sleeper cab
Globetrotter cab

D11A: 330 hp

Manual gearbox
Powertronic (automatic)

 Single reduction
(GCW approval: up to 40 tonne)

Technical Specification – FMX 330

  • Wheelbase for 4x4R 3500, 4000, 4300, 4600, and 4900 mm. Capacity of Front Axle is 9000 kg, rear is 13000 kg. Weight of Gross Vehnicle is 22000 kg and gross combination up to 40000kg.
  • Use Engine of Volvo D11A-330 Turbocharged, intercooler. With Max output : 330 hp (234 kW) @ 1400 – 1950 rpm and Max torque : 1650 Nm @ 1000 – 1300 rpm.
  • Brake System – use Volvo Brake-ZV With Z-Cam Brake System. Dual circuit full air brake system with free asbestos brake lining.
  • Right hand fitted 315 liters steel fuel tank.
  • Costant frame width of 850 mm behind the cab made of high tensile steel. Section height 300. Flage widh 90 mm. web and flange thickness are 8 mm. all members are cold reveted. Inner liner thickness 5 mm installed standard.
  • Type options are 11.00R20, 12.00R20, and 12.00R24 Tube Tire, and also 13R22.5 Tubeless Tire.
  • Optional Accessoriesa are Sleeper cabin, Vertical exhaust, Volvo Engine Brake (EBR-VEB) with maximum 264W Breaking Power, Volvo Engine Dynafleet vechicle monitoring system.
  • Trailer brake and electrical connection, Towing coupling device, and then dual air horn

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