Eka Dharma provide the best service for the whole of Indonesia, because Eka Dharma is an authorized dealer service and warranty Volvo Penta engine, that is

  1. Engine Marine - Main engine and generator Marine
  2. Engine Industrial - Enginie Dewatering pump KSB & Sealwood
  3. Engine Genset - Genset Hartec & Central Diesel
  4. Engine Off-Road - Engine konecrent, Weal loader sanvic
For Further information:
Joyo Simbolon
Service Penta
+62 813 5020 3410 (+62 542) 765555 ext. 603 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To help customer main the performance engine of a package of care we provide:

Service Call

any time the customer's equipment need repair and their mechanics are having difficulty, Eka Dharma is ready to dispatch a mechanic to assist the customer. our maintenance package consist of maintenance contract and service contract for all products Volvo Penta sold by Eka Dharma.

We provide 24 hour service to our customers. Available to serve customers for hour a day, 7 days a week. Please contracts our staff and they will come to you with Total Solution!

Service Contract Maintenance

Implement  maintenance 500 per service hour meter, one within two months of maintenance is excellent to get quality care from trained technicians and our experience was very familiar with the engine Volvo Penta there.

Warranty Unit & Warranty Parts

Volvo Penta always strive to deliver the right product, at the right quality according to Customer requirements. With a deep commitment to quality, safety and environmental care.

1 Industrial diesel engines for off-road and stationary applications (Dewatering Pumpset), VE:

Twenty four (24) months or a maximum of three thousand (3000) hours of operation whichever occurs first (with the first twelve (12) months at unlimited running hours).

2 Industrial diesel engines for Genset applications, GE prime:

Twenty four (24) months or a maximum of three thousand (3000) hours of operation whichever occurs first (with the first twelve (12) months at unlimited running hours).

3 Engine configuration in Marine Engine and Marine Genset:
Product Rating Limited Warranty Periode
(Including Volvo Penta gearboxes and sterndrives) Months Or Hours
D5, D7-D16 1 12 Unlimited
D5, D7-D16 Marine Gensdset PP 12 Unlimited
D5, D7-D16 2 12 5000
D9-D13 3 12 2000
IPS 650, 900 3 12 2000
D9-D13 4 12 1000
IPS 800, 1050 4 12 1000
D4-D6 4 12 800
IPS 450, 400MC 4 12 800

Volvo Penta offers a 12-month standard warranty on all Genuine Volvo Penta Parts. With Volvo Penta’s fitted-parts warranty, parts that have been purchased and installed at an authorized Volvo Penta dealer are covered for 24 months.

1. Standard warranty – 12 months

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts that are supplied but not fitted by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer are covered by our standard 12-month warranty.

2. Fitted parts warranty – 24 month

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts that have been supplied and installed by an authorized Volvo Penta   Workshop are covered for 24 months warranty.

Both the 12-month standard warranty and 24-month warranty for Volvo Penta dealer fitted parts exclude wear and tear parts. The fitted parts warranty is for 24 months, or 3000 hours (Industrial) / 1000 hours (Marine), whichever comes first.
For more information about the Volvo Penta parts warranty conditions, please contact Volvo Penta Aftersales Team.


Eka Dharma always commit to give the best service to customers. Remanufactured Volvo Penta component are the one of our service to give customer the best solution in efficiency of operational cost. Developed from used exchange cores and become the ultra economical, ultra reliable solution, Exchange Component is to service customer exchange component requirements.
Overhaul can be :

Free inspection

The objective of regular planned equipment inspections is to obtain accurate data on the condition of the equipment. This is measured using diagnostic instruments. Based on the obtained data, recommendations for necessary repairmen are made in order to keep the equipment in prime condition. The data gathered is stored in an equipment management system which records equipment age and maintenance costs, assists the scheduling of part replacements and also acts as equipment history.
Inspection Program will be conducted by one time in six months to all areas in Kalimantan.