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Sumber Daya Manusia


Company provides the training to internal and also the Customer. The training such as Technical Training, Driver Training and Commercial Training. To support of training particulary the technical Training.

The facility training is as follows:

  • Training Truck FM Version2
  • Training RIG Diagnostic
  • Training RIG Air Brake
  • Training RIG Electrical System
  • Training RIG Engine Version 2
  • Training RIG Transmisi VT2514, I-Shift, and Powertronic
  • training room as much as 2 class, maximum capacity of 15 participant
  • Computer Laboratory, maximum 10 participants

With Impact On Line programs and VTT, we can learn and know the information and the latest Volvo Technology.

Training Center of company as Devision that conducting Development of the company's employees always perform up to date training material of Volvo Truck to improve the knowledge and skills of employees, especially Mechanic.