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Pumps & Accessories for Heavy Duty

The KFG pump unit is an electrically driven piston pump. Its core is comprised of a drive shaft with an eccentric that drives up to three pump elements. Various designs make it possible to accommodate this sturdy and proven principle of operation to different circumstances.

The pump is comprised of four main components: Housing with pump elements, reservoir with fill level monitoring, internal control units and attachments. The housing integrates the motor, the Drive shaft with an eccentric and up to three pump elements for delivering the lubricant. Positively driven pump elements should be used in order to maintain the delivery rate in areas with extremely low temperatures.

The reservoir is used for storage of the lubricant. It is available in eight sizes and two variants for stationary utilization or with grease follower plate technology for utilization in any position. The internal control units monitor the switching on and off of the pump. In addition, they enable the evaluation of piston detector, pressure switch and fill level signals. A variety of attachments permit the filling of the reservoir, protect the pump (pressure limitation valve), relieve the system (only when used in single-line systems) or enable the uncomplicated connection of the pump to the centralized lubrication system.

 Fields of application


It is particularly with changing operating conditions that vehicles must function reliably. KFG piston pump units are the heart of SKF centralized lubrication systems for vehicles. They supply all of the connected lubrication points in an optimum manner and thus reduce service and repair costs but up to 25%.


Friction, e.g. in machine tools, causes great wear and thus wastes valuable natural resources. SKF centralized lubrication systems with KFG pump units reduce friction and thus considerably extend the service life of machine tools, for example.

Rotary application

Centralized lubrication systems such as SKF WindLub with the KFG pump unit for Rotary application reduce the wear on modern wind energy systems and thus ensure a long preservation of value. They shorten the time required for repair and lengthen the repair intervals. That saves money.