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Dewatering Pumpset

Using Volvo Penta Industrial engines, Eka Dharma Jaya Sakti worked with renowed German pump manufacturer, KSB (, to design and develop a series of dewatering pumpset specially for use in the harsh environment of coal mining in Indonesia.

Using slurry pump designed by KSB, coupled with Volvo Penta industrial engines, we are able to offer a series of pumpsets suitable for mining pits of all sizes. The slurry pump is manufactured using a special high chrome material that is very suitable for the highly abrasive nature of such dewatering applications. The pumpset is also designed with the appropriate safety no-flow shutdown to protect against cavitations.

PT Eka Dharma Jaya Sakti acts as a single point of contact for our customers, from sales to aftersales support for both the pump and engine, providing a one-stop solution for our customers.

Pumpset Model & Technical Specification

Kolom1 Kolom2 DND100 Kolom3 DND 150 Kolom4 DND 200
PUMP MODEL   LCC-M100-400.3   LCC-H-150-500.4XH   LCCH-200-610.5XH
PUMP INLET   150 mm   200 mm   250 mm
PUMP OUTLET   100 mm   150 mm   200 mm
PUMP SHAFT SIZE   70 mm   100 mm   125 mm
DISCHARGE SIZE   DN. 100 mm   DN. 150 mm   DN. 200 mm
SUCTION SIZE   DN. 150 mm   DN. 200 mm   DN. 250 mm
SHUT OFF HEAD   90 m   120 m   145 m
MAX FLOW   83 l/s  (300m3/h)   180 l/s  (650m3/h)   300 l/s  (828m3/h)
ENGINE KW MIN   115   332   565
FUEL TANK CAPACITY   800 ltr   2000 ltr   4000 ltr
POWER RATING   115 kW @ 1800 RPM   322 kW @ 1800 RPM   565 kW @ 1800 RPM
IMPELLER MATERIAL   Gasite WD28G   Gasite WD28G   Gasite WD29G
IMPELLER DIAMETER   400 mm   500 mm   610 mm
MAX RPM   1800 rpm   1700 rpm   1500 rpm
MAX SOLID   30 mm   50 mm   60 mm
LENGTH   4500 mm   4800 mm   5300 mm
WIDTH   2100 mm   2100 mm   2100 mm
HEIGHT   2450 mm   2450 mm   2900 mm
DRY WEIGHT   4500 kg   6250 kg   10000 kg
WET WEIGHT   5300 kg   7850 kg   14000 kg